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So Irresistable

...Sweet Kisses

~*Sweet Kisses*~
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All Members , Moderated
If you are one of the first 20 people to join, DO NOT post an application! Read this post first.

About Us

First off, yes, we are a rating community. You will put up an application and each member will vote on whether or not you meet SWEETKISSES___X criteria. If you don’t, it’s not the end of the world trust me. Don’t let the community name fool you, this isn’t about whether your kisses are sweet enough or not. We care about personality and intelligence. Looks schmooks. That will only get you so far in life, they’re just a plus.

Oh yeah, and we’re a girls only community. Sorry fellas.

Rules For Everyone

1. For your safety, every post in here is automatically made friends only. So there’s no need to hassle with that.
2. You must be 14 or older to apply.
3. Fill out the application to the best of your ability. That means no skipping questions, and no half-assing anything.
4. Don’t use rich text. For the love of all things LJ, PLEASE!
5. When you apply, make sure to put what you are thankful for in the subject line. So it should look something like “I am thankful for...” Fill in the dots.
6. No snobs, bitches, and drama queens. PLEASE.

1. First off, congratulations on getting accepted! Your fun begins now!
2. You may make a post about anything you want (well, there are some limits) and remember you get points for them.
3. When you post, be sure to put STAMPED in your subject. It makes it so much easier on us mods so we know who’s who.
4. Debates are to be kept in the weekly debate post and NOWHERE ELSE. Drama is not wanted here.
5. When you vote on an applicant, be sure to give at least 1 or two reasons or do a + and - list. Put your vote in the subject.
6. And lastly, absolutely no votes that say “Sorry, we have nothing in common.” or anything equally stupid.

Getting Started


______lemonkiss Heather

gracious Kristy

Cool Stuff

Debate Post
Every Friday night, a mod will make a post about a current event and you will have the chance to talk about it all you want. This is the only post in which you can debate freely. Just no name calling.

Monthly Themes
Every month there will be a “theme” for the community. The mods will come up with a topic and you make a post that has something to do with it. Pretty simple.

Scavenger Hunts
These will change periodically with our moods or with the month. November will have Thanksgiving hunts, December will have Christmas hunts, and so on. We give you a list of things to find pictures of and you post them.

Guess the...
Song, movie, tv show, celeb. A post will be made every other week. Whoever guesses the most right within a month will get special prizes.

Movie Taglines
You will be given a list of 5-10 movie taglines. Your job is to hunt them down on IMDB and tell us what movies they are from. Pretty fun.

Kind of like high school. Who’s the biggest flirt? Who has the best smile? Craziest hair?

Member of the Month
Whoever has earned the most points, stayed the most active, and has pretty much been awesome to us will become member of the month. They will get special priveleges for a whole month! And points to boot.


Promote Us!



Comment on the members only post to become an affiliate.